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NewsBreak Rebrands as Shep Digital Solutions

By September 29, 2021June 24th, 2022No Comments

NewsBreak Media Networks, a digital shopper marketing platform for the fuel and convenience retail industry that converts fuel-only customers to multi-product purchasers, is now Shep Digital Solutions.

The new name and branding better represents the company’s full range of customizable digital merchandising services for convenience stores and other retail businesses. While NewsBreak started primarily as a forecourt media company, Shep offers comprehensive digital shopper marketing solutions.

“In the last couple of years, we have expanded our services to address where the industry is going, and the new brand identity reflects that,” said Bob Bradley, CEO of Shep Digital Solutions. “We’ve been a leader in digital merchandising and shopper marketing, but now we can provide even more value to new and existing clients with a broad range of customizable options.”

In addition to a new name and logo, Shep is launching a new website, which highlights Shep’s core services like marketing automation and content procurement and production. Shep automates the forecourt media process and integrates it into the overall shopper marketing strategy with targeted messaging.

Shep’s content is curated locally and features local news, weather and lifestyle content, making it more engaging and relevant to customers. The consumer experience and merchandising messages are driven by Shep’s proprietary data analytics platform, which uses information like historical sales, loyalty program data, weather, time of day, neighborhood demographics and more to increase conversion rates.

“Our customizable platform helps convenience stores turn fuel-only customers into in-store, multi-product purchasers,” said Brian Nelson, president of Shep Digital Solutions. “Shep focuses on creating episodic transactions to convert visitors into higher profit margin customers.”